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Tips for Helping your Cat Adjust to a Kennel

While you may desire to take your cat with you on vacation, it is not the safest route to take. Cats can get very anxious in a new place and your lovable feline can turn into Houdini. If you choose to leave your cat at home alone, you risk both their health and safety. In an effort to ensure that your cat is in the best care, it is important to place them in cat boarding facility that is well-equipped to handle your cat’s needs. You will find in this article are some of the ways to help your cat adjust to entering a kennel for the first time.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

Cats are very smart creatures and when they see you adjusting your routine and doing something different, they may get a little anxious. Allowing your cat to go outside for a little while after they have watched you pack can backfire on you. Frantic cats are known to run off when they get scared. The last thing you want to do is to postpone your trip because you have to go looking for your furry feline. To avoid having to search for your anxious cat, keep your cat indoors the day before you leave for your trip.

Protect Your Cat from Fleas

It is not uncommon for your cat to catch fleas without you even knowing it. To help avoid spreading fleas to other cats in the boarding facility, you want to give your cat a flea prevention medication before you send them to the kennel. This will not only protect the other cats in the kennel, it can also protect your cat from getting fleas from other cats in the boarding facility. You want to give your pet the flea medication a few days before your cat enters the facility to give it time to work.

Supply Their Own Food

Cats are not crazy about change. To keep them in the same routine, you want to talk to the staff about providing your own food for the cat. A change in diet takes time for your cat to adjust to. You don’t want your cat trying out a new food while you are away. Instead, work with the kennel to supply your own food so that your cat will feel comfortable when it comes to meal time.

Take Them on Car Trips

The transporting of your cat from your home to the kennel can be the scariest part for your feline if they are not used to car rides. To help avoid anxiety when taking them to the kennel, you want to prepare them ahead of time. This means taking your cat on car rides several times before their trip to the kennel. This will help your cat get used to the car ride so they don’t experience extra anxiety before arriving at the kennel. Contact a company like petnailexpert.com for more information about cat boarding.