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Things You Must Look In a Tax Lawyer

1. You Can't Remember the Last Time You Filed a Tax Return

If you're earning income and haven't filed a tax return for a couple of decades, then you may need to think about choosing a tax lawyer. A tax lawyer can offer you a complete overview of your IRS accounts to find out whether you're due any refunds.  

2. You Obtain an Assessment Letter in the IRS:

If you get an assessment letter from the email from the IRS, then this means they've decided that you owe them money. The very first letter they send notifies you of this problem and outlines the penalties and attention they're adding to your debt. If you do nothing, then your dues will continue to rise. Alternately, if you keep a tax lawyer, they could start working to pay back your debts.

3. The IRS Files a Lien against Your Property

If the IRS assesses a tax debt and you don't respond, then they are going to start the collection procedure. If you don't respond after 10 days, then they can file State Tax Lien against you. The lien will attach itself to all your property including houses, property, vehicles, etc. With help of pace advisory, our Tax Compliance Services can aid you to get on your way to continuing all your tax requirements.  

This may be accomplished by paying the sum in total or hiring a lawyer to negotiate an IRS settlement like an Offer in Compromise.