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How is Virtual Reality Different from Augmented Reality?

Whilst both the augmented reality and virtual reality are all gathering substantial media focus, there are a few that remains confused between both of these realms. So what really is the distinction between both?

Virtual Reality:

VR or digital reality is a synthetic stimulation or diversion of real-time surroundings or scenario, made by a computer. The users feel like they're experiencing the digital reality by themselves and it's carried out by stimulating the vision and hearing of their users.

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Virtual reality is generally accomplished by wearing a headset equipped with this technology and can be used from the below-mentioned manners:

Augmented Reality:

AR or Augmented Reality on the other weapon is a tech making a present fact more impactful by putting enhancements created via computer on the very top of these and providing them the capacity to interact with one another.

Difference between Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Intention of Production

Both the AR and VR are reverse reflections of each other in Terms in terms of what they provide and reach to the users. While AR provides the digital components for improving the actual Earth, the VR provides an electronic diversion away from the true atmosphere.

Delivery Approach

VR is delivered directly to the consumers through the control which is either head-mounted or hand-held or both occasionally.