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The Fundamentals of Making Your Own T-shirt Design

The Fundamentals of Making Your Own T-shirt Design.

a model wearing a make your own t-shirt design

There is nothing special that makes a good T-shirt design. Sometimes, you just feel it and you just know it when you see it. But the question is how do you quantify that special feeling? Despite a professional and solid understanding of design, most are stumped and come looking to professional designers for an answer.

Following are some fundamentals of fine T-shirt designs so that you can make your own T-shirt design. Read below to know how can you make a good T-shirt design:

What do you want to Convey Through your Design

The basic fact is that your T-shirt design should catch the idea of the people so much that they intend to wear it. They will be attracted to it so much that they will never discard it. All you have to do is to link to your target audience.

Colour is the Most Important Factor

Colour dominates the design. Whether it is a once colour black graphic on a white T-shirt, that is the first thing that influences the buyer. Some people like simple T-shirt graphics, some like colourful graphics and some like a vintage graphic design. You have to look at the T-shirt as a whole as opposed to just the picture printed on it.

Colours in Fashion for 2019

The mindset for summer 2019 reflects your desire to face the future with new colours that provide spirit, confidence, and boldness. These are the colors that take you down on a path of creativity and expressionism.

Jester and orange-red add depth, intensity, and passion to your personality. They combine urbanity with elegance.

Coral is an animating and affable shade whose softer golden tone gives it a lighter edge.

Sunny Aspen Gold brighten your mood and stimulates a feeling of joy and cheerfulness.

Terrarium Moss brings up the thoughts of freshness and physical beauty.

A deep blue redolent brings seriousness and mysterious atmosphere.

How to Design and Make a T-shirt online

Courtesy to modern T-shirt printing technology, it is now possible to get almost any design, color and shade. All you have to do is to find a reputable T-shirt printing company online. The design process too is very simple and easy. Putting together a graphical design based on simple text and phrase is very exciting. You can also design your own T-shirt with a natural or morals message. This is because your T-shirt can become a very effective advertising platform that people find difficult to ignore.

T-Shirt styles in Fashion

Let us take a few moments to familiarise with the latest T-shirt styles all well dressed and trendy men should consider. From crew neck style to Henley-Y neck and V neck style, it is the garment that should found a place in your wardrobe:

You can pair a linen T-shirt with chinos or jeans at the weekend. You can even buy them in Australia online.

The Y-Neck or Henley T-shirt is a hybrid between the V-necks and the crew style T-shirts. It comes with a buttoned placket that it several inches deep.

The scoop neck style is also in the trends these days. Though not as funky looking as the other necklines, it has a style that complements the muscular look.

Finally, for the best effect, pair your jeans with a slim fit T-shirt. However, avoid skinny cuts which are not in the trend these days. Just follow your heart and you will come out with fine design.