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Basics Of Web Design

Many people don't know a lot about web design.  They may be interested in the field, need the service or maybe they are just a little curious.  Whatever the reason the following article discusses some general information about web design including what it is, how you can learn to do it and common uses for the service.

What is web design?

As a freelance web designer (see scottheron.co.uk/web-design-edinburgh for more information) this key fact indicates a multitude of things, please allow for me to explain further.  In general this term is used to encompass a field of work where web pages and entire web sites are designed and constructed for various purposes.  It involves a lot of creativity and artistic ability as well as knowledge of computers, specifically the html and other computer languages.  There are varying levels of knowledge in the field and some people attend school for years to learn web design, others may just practice a lot in their spare time to become good at it.  In general the design of a website includes arrangement of images or text, construction and placement of features such as information capturing script, construction and placement of links to other sites or other parts of the main site, and different pages of the site.  These are only a handful of the items and work that go into basic sites and the process can be far more detailed than this.

How can you learn about it?

Almost any major university, community college and some vocational programs teach some variation of website building and design.  Most times there are design oriented classes as part of the curriculum of information systems or networking and there are also programs that focus specifically on website building related fields and learning.  Some community colleges offer two year or shorter programs to learn industry basics of the craft in order to obtain a job quickly after school.  

What is it used for?

You name it and web design can be applied to it meaning that virtually any business, non-profit, individual, or government entity could need or at some point will get a website.  For this designers are needed to determine what the site needs to do, what it will look like and any functionality the site needs to have.  The design stage can be very simple for some companies and perhaps very complex for others depending on the needs of the client.  Most large companies even have in-house website service personnel and others contract the work out if website services are not something the company needs on a regular basis.

These general concepts of web design apply across the industry and most parts of the world where the internet is accessible.  Whether you are looking for a career, a service or just some information there are answers in a variety of places.  Check out local colleges or career centers for educational information, these same places often have info on businesses that specialize in website building.