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Worship Flags Of Any Kinds

And when we say of any kinds, we MEAN any kinds. You could go from getting one with the face of your idol or a team that you wholly support, to those of questionable faiths. Not to get into it because we really do not want to get into the intricate details and definitions of cults, we should just stick to how these things can be from something or the other. Personally, we would like to get a flag that ha a sigil from Game of Thrones. Why not? You can get anything made out of worship flags.

Speaking of those flags, could you imagine printing or knitting the Stark sigil on that flag? You could reenact some sort of battle as you wave that thing around. With the dire wolf on that piece of clothing, you could feel like you are a hardass from the north. Then you could go around saying Winter is Coming.

Or maybe one that is of dragon made? The Targaryen symbol definitely is something to behold, with their three headed dragon on that sigil. Fire and blood, they say. Now, for all of those who have a few screws loose in their head, does that not sound appealing? Not that we promote literal killing and burning, but still. It is cool.

Or maybe you want to be the proud and rich kind, like the lions. Yes, the very infamous Lannisters. Hey, come on, they are all not that bad. Look at Tyrion and then at Jaime. Sure, Jaime had a bit of hard start because of how much of a jerk he had been at the beginning, not to mention his REALLY disturbing feelings for his own sister, but he is better now.

Then there are the stags, which are more commonly known as Baratheons. Yeah, they have not really been put into the spotlight all that much ever since Kind Robert died and when his bastard son went missing after escaping his own uncle. But they are certainly making a comeback now.

There are a lot of choices out there that you can choose from, honestly. Who will stop you from wanting to print one of those sigils, anyway? It certainly is better to have them than whatever it is that cults put on their banners and flags as their means of worship. We are just being harmless here.

Mind you, you should probably get away from any hints of people BEING in a cult. They CANNOT mean well. ANYTHING that is even remotely cultic is bad. So the best thing to do when faced with someone like that is dance your way out of there and sing a song that says F word this S word I am out.

Let them do their thing while you do yours with your harmless fascination for the world of Westeros. At least there, you know it is not real and you can just very well worship the entirety of the books Martin creates. Better than being involved in anything dangerous at least.

Do they even make flags and banners? Because the moment we see the word Worship, we get itchy with nervousness. We really should stop watching too much South Park.