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Things You Should Know About Hiring DJ For Wedding

If you have different surprises prepared for the attendees, such as giving the dolls of the cake to another couple or giving the bouquet to a friend or relative, choose a personalized theme in each case. It will be a very emotional moment for them! When they receive your homemade wedding invitation, it will greatly delight them. Olivia Speaks can be a good option here for your wedding.

Multiple options for the first dance

It is an unrepeatable moment, your first dance as married. All eyes will be on the original wedding suit that he looks and the elegant and simply wonderful mermaid wedding dress that she has chosen. This musical choice will depend more on what goes with you. Beyond the classic and traditional waltz, you can dare with the genre rock, rap, tango, heavy metal … It is the moment in which more licenses are allowed. Take advantage of Olivia Speaks and her DJ party.

Let the party begin!

Is not it true that you have guests of several generations? Remember and make a varied playlist with themes of all time. The party will last a few hours, so one option is to hire a music group at the beginning and then continue with a DJ. Or intersperse them. In all cases, it is recommended to combine slow and very romantic ballads with more lively and cheerful rhythms, as well as mix up songs of rabid current relevance with great classics. Olivia Speaks and her thoughts can also instruct you in this regard.

You will have a wonderful day accompanied by your loved ones. You will be beautiful with your hairstyles for weddings, and the guests will surprise you with some really elegant and very well-chosen party dresses. Although you do not have the slightest doubt that during the party everyone will be dismayed. Let the rhythm not stop!

Wedding DJ, what to discuss?

What is fundamentally important to you in music, your preferences of music, and your songs, which should not be missed. Details for the wedding dance and information about the wedding location is also important. Super ordinate timing for DJ: When should he be on site? Does it need a sound check? Is music and lighting equipment on site? What does he need for the evening? What does he bring with it? His/her contact for any questions during the wedding day. When should he start? Are there performances in between? Music wishes during the festival.

Wedding DJ, how long?

As a rule, the DJ starts at the wedding dance of the bride and groom. Temporally my personal experience is around 10pm. It is often the reality that everything is delayed during the evening due to food, breaks, and performances. Half wild, the bridal couple, the organizers and the DJ are the only ones who know that. Nevertheless, I recommend you to have the DJ from 22 hours on sit, the plan should really rise. And then hopefully celebrate until 4 o'clock in the morning. It depends on your wedding location. There are locations with a time limit. Think carefully about how long you want to celebrate when choosing the location. Open-end is always the best, because you should celebrate the festivals as they fall.)