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Make Your Own Style by Using Good Patterns for Blouses

Every time you buy clothes from an offline or online store, you have to be careful when choosing patterned or printed blouses and shirts. Only use designs that reduce your shortcomings and accent your positive attributes. For example, if you are short and want to appear taller or slimmer, you should consider buying a vertical pattern dress instead of a horizontal pattern.

Vertical lines draw attention to the area of your shoulder and highlight a slim and taller look. Make sure your blouse comforts your observer once you have turned their gaze to the top of your body. Generally, low-cut blouses or V-necks that have beautiful embroidery, long sleeves and front covers can help. You can buy stitched blouse online via https://ethnikhouse.com/collections/blouse.

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Conversely, if you are silhouette and/or tall and want to accentuate a rounded, curved figure, pleated blouse, or short sleeves with a thin horizontal pattern is good. Colour is a very important attribute that you should consider when choosing a pattern for a blouse.

In order to look good in a blouse, make sure the colours match your body shape and only highlight your positive attributes. For example, if you want to look slim while attending a special event, bright colours like white, and pastels must be your biggest enemy. Dark colours like black or dark blue will hide all your bumps and make you look slim and beautiful.