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Understanding Organic Farming and its Health Benefits

Most organic farming involves the health of the soil and the ecosystem where plants and livestock are raised. Foods that are certified organic must be produced using planting methods that minimize soil erosion and that maintain or increase soil fertility. All chemicals in the world cannot maintain gardens and healthy organic compost.

Look for natural and organic alternatives for chemical fertilizers, such as compost use. Natural fertilizers, compost, and organic matter encourage native earthworms. Soil organic matter contributes to good soil structure, and water storage capacity. Improve the soil with organic materials and fertilizers to develop the best soil for planting seeds and plants. Brent Boman provides you more detailed information about organic farming and its various health benefits.

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The availability of nutrients from organic fertilizers depends on decomposition by soil organisms, which in turn depends on the weather and soil conditions. Their nutrients are not available for plants until the organic matter decomposes. In fact, you cannot have a good organic garden without a good composter.

The use of disease resistance must be emphasized in organic programs. In current organic production systems, farmers are not permitted to use conventional synthetic organic fungicides in their disease management programs.

National organic program regulations prohibit the use of conventional pesticides, petroleum, or sewage-based fertilizers, biotechnology or ionizing radiation and synthetic substances. But, there are some common things that organic gardeners can do to defeat the pest naturally.

Many believe that organic food contains higher levels of mineral minerals and much lower heavy metals. As a result, the industry has grown from experimental plots to large farms with surplus products sold with special organic labels.

At present, organic food is available in supermarkets and farmers' markets, in restaurants and through order suppliers by mail, even here on the web.