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Stained Glass Art Tools

Interested in making stained glass art? These tools are relatively inexpensive and the skills needed to use them are easy to learn. This article will explain all the tools needed to get started.

The simplest style of stained glass art that requires the least amount of tools is glass panels using copper paper techniques. There are several tools used in this style; however, not all of the tools described below are absolutely necessary. Unimportant tools will make the process easier and faster. You can check out fusible glass supplies online.

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* Book Pattern – A good pattern is very important for any stained glass art project. There are many books available. Even though pattern books aren't needed, beginners will be able to find lots of patterns and good ideas. There are also many good free patterns available on the internet.

* Glass – Glass comes in a variety of colors and textures. In general, 12 x 12 inch sheets are good for beginners. In addition, clear tinted glass is easier to transfer patterns than frosted glass that cannot be seen. Prices depend on color and texture but usually only a few dollars per sheet.

* Glass cutter – Glass cutter is the tool needed to cut glass to the correct shape. The cutter has a diamond or carbide tip that does not actually cut the glass, but gives it a score. The glass can then be broken along the score line. Glass cutters come in various shapes and styles.